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Best Best and Krieger, a national law firm established in Riverside, has just promoted six attorneys to partner according to a press release from the firm; they’ve promoted Alison S. Bassett, Whitney Blackhurst, Rebecca Chaparro, Todd R. Leishman, Nicholaus W. Norvell and Christine N. Wood.  

Leishman has an office in Ontario.

All new partners have been recognized for being outstanding in their special areas at BB&K. BB&K has nearly 250 attorneys that focus on municipal, environmental, employment, business, education, public finance and telecommunications law, government relations and made for public agencies and private clients of every size.

Todd Leishman helps public agencies and private developers create successful projects. He uses his experience in environmental law and real estate while using creative approaches and negotiations for his clients. In addition to his work in Ontario, he has an office in Irvine.

Alison Bassett is a part of BB&K’s business practice group, which represents health care districts, nonprofit health care systems, hospitals, medical groups and community clinics. Through the last couple of years she has been able to analyze fast moving legal and regulatory issues arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Whitney Blackhurst is a part of the special districts practice group, where she focuses on civil litigation, including public work disputes; eminent domain and inverse condemnation actions; fee, tax, assessment and rate challenges; tort claims; real property disputes among some of the things she does. Blackhurst has state and federal experience in litigation on behalf of special district, city, county and private clients.

Rebecca Chaparro has her practice in public infrastructure. Chaparro has specific experience in public works construction law and public contracting. She advises and assists clients with all aspects of public work construction. 

Nicholaus W. Norvell is a part of the special districts practice group. He provides general counsel and special counsel services to clients on issues involving the Brown Act, Public Records Act, Political Reform Act, public contracting, governance policies, real estate and other matters.

Christine N. Wood has launched and also leads BB&K’s Advanced Record Center. She provides comprehensive and cost-effective support for public records. Wood is a certified E-Discovery specialist that advises, educates and assists public agencies in developing procedures and best practices for storing data.

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