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Welcome to Follow Our Courts

A publication about the legal industry in the Inland Empire.

This news is for everyone.

We are following cases, legislation and courthouse happenings that affect all people and professions. If your area of work or activism has brought you here, please send an email to the editor letting her know, so she can ensure FOC covers it.

This professional, objective news is free to you.

Follow Our Cases

The courts and cases in the Inland Empire exist in a greater context and have broad implications. We explore and discuss.

Coverage of filings, motions, settlements and rulings in the Inland Empire show local lawyers; and judges; work, and record precedent.

Follow Our Courts serves our Inland Empire readers with useful looks at general circumstances with potential legal consequences.

Follow Our Courts follows state bills and municipal ordinances that affect the Inland Empire from proposal through enactment (or failure).

This is your chance to contribute. Follow Our Courts welcomes respectful perspectives that move important discussions forward.

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Follow Our Courts accepts submitted commentary to our opinion page at any time.

A commentary piece may be a position on a ruling, on new legislation, or on the state of or changes to local court operations.

Submitted copy will not be altered before publication.
Anonymous submissions will not be accepted.
Publication will be at the editor’s discretion.

To contribute content, email it to Executive Editor Toni Momberger at

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Court denies access to sheriff’s warrants for data from fake cell towers

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