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  • San Bernardino/Riverside Counties Building and Construction Trades Council vs Imperial Irrigation District (CVRI2101253, Riverside)
    • A construction union sued a water district for rescinding work
    • 2/2/2022 Hearing on Motion for Summary Adjudication on Complaint, 
  • Russell v Eisenhower Medical Center (CVPS2101598, Riverside) 
    • Medical malpractice
    • 2/3/2022 Motion to Strike 
  • The People of the State of California vs. Refugio Manuel Jimenez, Jr. (FSB21001694, San Bernardino) 
    • The District Attorney’s office says Refugio Manuel Jimenez Jr,  and Angelina Renee Jimenez caused the fire through use of a smoke bomb intended to reveal their baby’s gender on Sept. 5 of 2020,  at Yucaipa’s El Dorado Park
    • 2/4/2022, Motion to dismiss review

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  • Victorville Councilwoman trial (MVI21007253, San Bernardino)
    • Victorville City Councilwoman Blanca Gomez is charged with disrupting the city council’s meeting. Prior coverage, Complaint
    • 2/7/2022, Pretrial conference
  • The People of the State of California vs. Corie Smith (FWV21003946, San Bernardino)
    • A San Bernardino sheriff’s deputy is charged with assault under color of authority,  after video caught him kicking a non-resisting man in the face. 
    •  2/7/2022, Pretrial hearing
    • A Riverside citizen’s group challenged the implementation of a measure which would transfer revenue from the city’s electrical utilities to the city’s general fund. The group argues the measure violates the California Constitution by being a tax measure during a special election. Prior coverage
    •  2/23/2022, Expected judicial decision
  • Rural Association of Mead Valley vs County of Riverside (CVRI2103280, Riverside) 
    • A CEQA fight against a proposed electric truck charging station. 
    • 3/1/2022, Status Hearing re: Writ of Mandate (CEQA), 
  • Olguin child abuse (RIF2104700, Riverside)
    • Three members of the Olguin fostering family are accused of 17 counts of abuse against their fostered children,  including lewd acts against a minor under 14 years, endangerment of health and maliciously preventing a witness from giving testimony. 
    • 4/1/2022, Arraignment
  • USA v. Schwartzberg (5:21-cr-00148-VAP-1, California Central District Court) 
    • Attorney Sagi Schwartzberg was charged with production of child pornography. 
    • 4/4/2022, Sentencing, 
  • Ontario movie shooter (RIF2103205, Riverside)
    • Joseph Jimenez is accused of shooting and killing Rylee Goodrich and Anthony Barajas as they watched a movie in Corona. 
    • 4/15/2022, Felony settlement conference, 
  • Pettie v Amazon (CIVDS1908923/E074241, San Bernardino) 
    • Two Amazon employees sued alleging various employment claims against Amazon. San Bernardino Superior Court mandated arbitration, but the appellate court ruled that the court needs to make a factual finding on the threshold issue of whether an agreement to arbitrate exists. 
    • 5/5/2022, Initial trial setting conference, 
  • Reginald Pulliam v Redlands Unified School District et al (CIVSB2129676, San Bernardino)
    • A Redlands Unified School District teacher and a member of the Christian church True Hope Ministry claimed religious exemption from masking, vaccination, and COVID testing requirements. When denied exemptions, due to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s state mandate to vaccinate all K-12 teachers or undergo weekly testing, the teacher sued the school district, alleging eight violations of the Fair Employment and Housing Act. Complaint
    • 6/7/2022, Trial setting conference
  • Vazquez v City of Ontario (CIVDS1917207, San Bernardino)
    • A woman sued Ontario for poorly maintaining its sidewalks. Maria Vasquez claims she tripped over a raised edge of the sidewalk in 2018,  and sustained wage loss,  hospital expenses,  general damage and loss of earning capacity. Complaint
    • 6/23/2022, Jury trial
  • Beyond Business Incorporated v. Amplify Energy Corporation et al, 8:2021(CV01714, California Central District Court)
  • Board of Supervisors of the County of San Bernardino v Monell et al (CIVSB2025319, San Bernardino) 
    • Measure K,  would have prevented San Bernardino County Supervisors from being elected as supervisor twice in their lifetime, and would have capped their salary at $5,000 monthly, but a legal action from the county supervisors found the measure unconstitutional. The group behind the measure has filed for appeal. Prior coverage
    • Unknown date for the appellate ruling
  • California Trucking Association v. South Coast Air Quality Management District et al (2:21-cv-06341-JAK-MRW, California Central District Court) 
    • The California Trucking Association filed a lawsuit against the South Coast Air Quality Management District in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California Aug. 5, alleging that the district’s new clean-air rule, which regulates warehouses based on their delivery trucks’ emissions, conflicts with federal law. Prior coverage, Complaint
  • Augustine Band of Cahuilla Indians v. State of California, (1:21-cv-01509-AWI-SKO, California Eastern District Court) 
    • A Riverside tribe sued the state, alleging bad faith labor compact negotiations, and joining other tribes across California. Prior coverage, Complaint

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