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A felony settlement conference will be held June 6 in the criminal case against the foster care family accused of abusing the children placed in their care.

Litigants are attempting to gain more records from the Riverside County Child Protective Services before that date.

Each member of the family has pleaded not guilty to all counts against them.

The complaint accuses the father, Marcelino Olguin, on five counts of sexually abusing one child, who was under the age of 14, and two counts of abusing the other child. It also charges Marcelino and his adopted son, Lennys, on one count of inflicting cruel and inhuman corporal punishment, three counts of willfully injuring and two counts of violating the personal liberty of a third child.

It charges Marcelino and his wife, Rosa, on one count of injuring two children and one count of dissuading a child from giving testimony at a trial.

It charges Rosa with one count of dissuading one of the children from giving testimony and one count of stealing more than $950 from the child.

The family members are out on $50,000 bail each. The district attorney’s office filed the charges Nov. 3.

Riverside Superior Judge Sean Crandall presides.

Paul Grech of Riverside’s Grech & Packer represents Marcelino Olguin.

Joshua Matic, of Walnut’s Joshua E. Matic Law Associates represents Rosa Olguin.

Greg Rollins, of his own Riverside offices represents Lennys Olguin.

Deputy District Attorney Daima Calhoun leads prosecution.

Case number RIF2104700.

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