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Fontana resident Jonathan Garcia was sentenced to 25 years in federal prison Aug. 9 for enticing underage girls to film themselves sexually.

Garcia pleaded guilty to producing child pornography May 2.

In his plea agreement, he confessed to pretending to be a 15-year-old boy to elicit sexual photos from a 9-year-old girl who lived in Ontario on Nov. 12, 2019.

Garcia was, in reality, 26 years old.

Garcia paid the girl in Robux, a currency used on the Roblox online gaming platform, and communicated with her using the online messaging platform Likee, the plea agreement says.

For one of the videos, in which he instructed her to perform in a sexual way, he paid 400 Robux, which converts to $5.

Garcia was discovered after the girl’s mother discovered the messages between him and the victim, and contacted Ontario police.

Garcia is also being prosecuted in two different cases in San Bernardino Superior Court.

In one case, he is charged with molesting his 12-year-old cousin in 2012, according to the sentencing memorandum. He pleaded not guilty to the charges June 28, 2019. A verdict has not yet been returned.

In a second prosecution, he is charged on four counts, including sexual contact with a minor, possessing child pornography, having child pornography for commercial consideration, and distributing pornography to a minor. He pleaded not guilty to those charges Dec. 3, 2019, and a verdict has not yet been returned.

According to court documents, when Ontario police executed a search warrant on his home, Garcia admitted to contacting the victim, and said he had contacted between 50 and 100 underage girls for sexual photos and videos since 2015.

A transcript of Garcia’s conversation with police officers was included as an exhibit in the government’s sentencing position:

“Yeah I’ve been doing similar stuff to this for maybe four years. And then all my, all my old phones have just…,” Garcia said.

“Child porn?” Det. David Newland asked.

“Yeah,” Garcia said.

Garcia provided Ontario police with his password, and guided them to child pornography on his computer from girls he solicited from New York, Chicago and Fontana. Garcia admitted to requesting to meet the 12-year-old from Fontana for sex, although he claimed to have never had sex with her or anyone else.

One of the victim’s mothers, whose daughter’s photos and videos were distributed by Garcia, wrote a crime impact report.

“She is afraid, as am I, that she will be recognized by those who have downloaded the images of her abuse. At times, she appears to be depressed. At those times she is withdrawn, uncommunicative, sleepy, sometimes tearful, occasionally paralyzed and unable to move forward or complete tasks that she is quite capable of completing, appearing to be unmotivated, unable to concentrate, and overwhelmed,” the mother wrote.

“Defendant’s actions involved harm to real, multiple, children. This was not a one-time error in judgment or slip in impulse control but a years-long, premediated, campaign to satisfy his sexual interest. Defendant could have stopped himself anytime before he was arrested in November, 2019, but chose not to. He chose instead to continue his illicit sexual behavior,” prosecutors wrote in a sentencing memorandum.

The indictment against Garcia originally contained other counts related to child pornography, in addition to the one he pleaded guilty to. The indictment accused Garcia of soliciting child pornography from two victims between April and November, 2019.

Assistant United States Attorney Sonah Lee led the prosecution.

Deputy Federal Public Defender Angela Viramontes defended Garcia.

California Central District Judge Jesus Bernal presided.

Case number 5:20-cr-00041.

Garcia is also being tried in San Bernardino Superior Court cases FWV19003890 and FWV18003015.

Read the indictment here.

Read the plea agreement here.

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