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Steven J. Weinberg, a partner at McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP, was elevated to a Diplomate ranking by the American Board of Trial Advocates, the firm announced June 9. This promotion follows Weinberg’s settlement achievement for $2.8 million, the largest of its kind in California last year, according to TopVerdict.

Diplomate is the highest ranking an attorney can achieve in ABOTA. Nationwide, 250 lawyers and judges have this designation, out of the invitation-only organization’s more than 7,300 members.

Among the criteria for Diplomate are 12 years’ minimum trial experience and completing a minimum 100 civil jury trials (or 50, with specified circumstances). Weinberg has seem more than 100 to completion.

ABOTA members must exhibit civility, integrity and professionalism as a criterion of membership, according to the association’s website.

Weinberg specializes in medical malpractice, personal injury and elder abuse law.

His $2.8 million settlement, Arnison v. Adventist Health, was a wrongful death medical malpractice case, which made him ninth on TopVerdict’s annual Top 10 Wrongful Death Settlements in California in 2021, the most recent list published.

No other medical malpractice cases are on the list, making his settlement the highest of its kind in the state for that year.

“No one deserves what my clients have had to go through, especially not from people and institutions they trust,” Weinberg said in a statement. “That’s why I do what I do – to help people defend their right to health and life.”

He has been representing clients in this type of case for 47 years. He is also on the Southern California Super Lawyers list, under medical malpractice.

MWA is headquartered in Ontario, and has offices in San Bernardino, Palm Desert, Irvine, Illinois and New Jersey. Weinberg works out of the Palm Desert office.

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