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Hello Subscribers,

Follow Our Courts is addressing a technical glitch that has prevented most of our subscribers from getting content highlights by email during the month of July, while a handful of subscribers have received our emails multiple times.

Our tech team is working to resolve this.

We regret any inconvenience this has caused, are grateful to those who made us aware of the issues, and apologize especially to those who were sent duplicate emails.

Follow Our Courts is committed to keeping our emails limited to only what each subscriber wants to receive.

This may be one, two or all of these:

  • Weekly highlights
  • Alerts when fresh content is published in areas of interest such as education, civil cases, housing, health, appellate cases or any of the other categories readers may select
  • Access to all of the past and present content on our website to search and read at your convenience

Reach us any time you have a concern, comment or question at You are also invited to contact me directly by emailing or texting to 909-213-2169.

Thank you all for your patience and interest in local legal news,

Toni Momberger

Executive Editor, Follow Our Courts


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