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The Riverside District Attorney’s Office filed three felony charges against Hemet Police Officer Jacob Hobson Aug. 17.

He faces two charges of assault by a public officer and one charge of assault causing great bodily injury.

Hobson pleaded not guilty Aug. 21.

According to a release from the Hemet Police Department, Hobson assaulted an unidentified woman during an arrest on July 23 behind a gas station on the corner of West Florida Avenue and North Lyon Avenue in Hemet.

The woman, Hobson found out, had a warrant out for her arrest. She resisted while Hobson was placing handcuffs on her, the release says.

The department does not say exactly what Hobson did, but that the filed charges claim he gave the woman a significant brain injury.

Hobson is on administrative leave, the department said.

He is held in the Robert Presley Detention Center. Bail is set at $65,000.

Hemet police said they requested the Force Investigations Detail Task Force look into the assault. The task force is a joint operation by the District Attorney’s Office and the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office.

A settlement conference is scheduled for Oct. 13.

Deputy District Attorney Marcus Garrett proscutes.

Kasey Castillo defends.

Case No. BAF2300849


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