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San Bernardino Superior Court announced it will shut down its classic public portal Oct. 28, and fully transition to the new Court Access Portal. The shutdown occurs at the time the court’s last form of documents, Probate Notes, will transition to the new portal.

Starting Nov. 15, users can locate probate notes on CAP with a known case number, or with a name search. Searching by name requires registration, and a fee. Probate notes will remain on CAP for seven calendar days after the hearing. Notes will still be available on the court’s website until the end of November.

The court will provide a live demonstration of how to view probate notes on CAP Oct. 18, from noon to 1 p.m. To register for the event, go here

The court also repriced name search credits on the portal. Now, attorneys and firms can purchase unlimited name search credits for $200 per month. One search credit costs $1, five cost $3.50, ten cost $5, and 100 cost $40.

The site also allows people to pay traffic tickets.

“Through continued funding to modernize court operations and services, CAP has provided enhanced stability as well as improved performance along with a host of new capabilities for court users and attorneys. These enhancements include traffic payments in a unified location, multiple document purchases in one transaction, a user dashboard, and new search functionalities,” the court said in a press release announcing the transition.

The court published their video and written CAP instructions for review by court users.

Read the court’s published instructions on CAP here.

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Read Follow Our Court’s reporting on CAP from 2021 here.

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