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San Bernardino Superior Court will hold civil hearings for cases at Rancho Cucamonga and Victorville courthouses again, the court announced Nov. 21.

The court had consolidated operations to save costs during the recession: the Rancho Cucamonga courthouse held criminal hearings, while the Victorville courthouse held family, criminal and probate hearings.

The court’s online case calendar shows that Rancho Cucamonga will first hear civil cases again Dec. 11, in Department R1, under the supervision of San Bernardino Superior Judge Janet Frangie. Five cases are on the docket: a breach of contract case, a personal injury case, a collections case, a product liability case and a complaint alleging theft and unfair business practices.

The Victorville courthouse does not have a scheduled date to restart hearing civil cases.

“SBSC continues its commitment to investing resources to increase services to all residents of our vast county,” said Presiding Judge R. Glenn Yabuno. “Through new and ongoing funding, SBSC continues to realize its long-term goal of expanding and improving meaningful access to justice to our geographically diverse population.”

The court has not yet finalized its criteria for case assignments, the court’s press release said.

The court has also reopened services at the Needles courthouse. Commissioner Kristine Eisler was selected to oversee cases there in October. The court also restored a full-time clerk’s staff, and allows litigants to appear in person at the courthouse with a remote presiding judge.

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