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The San Bernardino District Attorney’s Office charged Louis Hernandez III with three counts of murder Nov. 28.

The office’s complaint claims Hernandez fatally shot Romaldo De La Rosa on Nov. 25, Dianna Couer on Nov. 26, and Angelina Urbano on Nov. 28.

Hernandez pleaded not guilty to the three charges Nov. 29.

The office also brought three firearm enhancements and an allegation of prior felony convictions related to a 2006 firearm assault case.

The office’s press release also says that Hernandez shot another victim, who survived.

One of the alleged victims was his girlfriend, and another was his ex-girlfriend, the office said.

The release said that the case may qualify for the death penalty, but that the decision to bring it would be made at a later date by District Attorney Jason Anderson.

Hernandez is represented by a public defender.

“Angelina was a loving mother, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, and friend. Her warm and compassionate nature touched the hearts of everyone she met. Her infectious smile could light up any room, and her laughter had the power to bring joy to even the most somber souls. Angelina loved so deeply and wholeheartedly and her absence will be deeply felt by those she left behind,” a web page set up by Urbano’s family reads.

“Roy, who had a heart of gold, was a true friend and was loved by all those who had the pleasure of meeting him. He had a smile that lit up any room he walked into and had the ability to befriend any soul with a good laugh. He was a comedian, outgoing, loving, caring and simply a joy to know. He will be missed dearly by the ones he left behind,” a web page set up by De La Rosa’s family reads.

In the 2006 case for which the District Attorney alleges a past-felony enhancement, Hernandez was charged with kidnapping, assault with firearm, carjacking and robbery, with six enhancements of having prior prison terms. He was charged with three other defendants. He pleaded guilty to the felony firearm assault charge, and the other charges were stricken or dismissed. He was sentenced to 12 years in state prison for that case: two years for the felony and 10 years for the prior prison terms. He was released from prison and placed on parole Dec. 3, 2015.

A preliminary hearing is set for Dec. 4.

San Bernardino Superior Judge Joseph Widman is assigned to the case.

Case No. FWV23004037

Read the complaint here.


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