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Angel Salvador Marin of Downey was charged June 21 with falsely reporting a shooter at Ontario Mills. Marin pleaded not guilty to the charge in a June 22 video arraignment from county jail.

“Like most, we have witnessed an increase in mass shooting across the country. With the devastating potential for loss of life and emotional toll on witnesses and bystanders, residents here know all too well the catastrophic impact mass shootings have,” San Bernardino District Attorney Jason Anderson said in a press release.

The Ontario Police Department accused Marin of shouting “gun” and “he has a gun” as he ran through Ontario Mills May 29.

The charge is a felony charge of falsely reporting an emergency. The maximum punishment if found guilty is a $10,000 fine and three years in county jail.

This was not the first false report at Ontario Mills. Ontario Police reported false reports July 30, 2022 and Oct. 24, 2020.

Marin is held on bail set at $30,000. 

He also faces a domestic violence charge, which he pleaded not guilty to on the same day as his arraignment.

He has holds for two warrants for his arrest out of Los Angeles County, according to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Inmate Locator. One warrant is for domestic battery and vandalism. The other is for petty theft and revenge porn.

San Bernardino Superior Judge Jon Ferguson presides.

Public Defender Valerie Young is assigned to defend Marin.


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